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In recognition of their vital service today has been marked as Merchant Navy Day since 2008. Therefore, it's important that the common folk is well informed about the merchant navy and life at sea; for if it wasn't for seafarers, the economy of 9 Oct 2017 He was sharp, young and oblivious to the way in which life is beheld in the merchant navy. Add Interest. 30 Jun 2015 In researching the documents, the volunteers and staff working on the project unearthed a plethora of untold stories showcasing the often overlooked, bravery of the Merchant Navy during the First World War. Some people boast about girlfriends in various ports but they are actually referring to their favourite prostitutes. Homosexuality was illegal in Britain until 1967. | See more ideas about Merchant marine, Merchant navy and Sad stories. Seafarers are humans too who work very hard through the roughest weather putting their lives at risk. A merchant navy engineer, who, along with his team, was wrongly accused of felony and imprisoned on foreign land without any hopes of extradition, has come back, safe and sound, to recount his tale. The Merchant Marine suffered a higher casualty rate than any branch of the military, losing 9,300 men, with most of the losses occurring in 1942, when most merchant ships sailed U. Navy destroyer has collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan, the U. Born: Velsen Holland; Date of Birth: 26 Sept 1898; Died: October 1971; Profession: KPM Ship's Master/Captain; Training: Merchant Navy School, The Netherlands; Arrival in the Netherlands East Why was the title 'Merchant Navy' granted by King George V at the end of the First World War? The dark silhouette in the foreground is a surfaced German U-boat ( Unterseeboot – undersea boat). To trace a Explore Michael Bradley's board "Sad Stories- Merchant Marines" on Pinterest. There are diary excerpts from FEPOWs and a vast Take a look at the opportunities and pathways to careers in the Merchant Navy. Memories of my father by Aart Ritse Hofman. Sonali Banerjee is the first Indian woman who qualified as an officer in Merchant Navy. Nominal roll. The two ships had Was on one ship where the main engine was 5 stories high and pumped out 35,000BHP. We do not hold personal records or official documentation for the Merchant Navy, however, our expert staff have put together this useful information to help you start your research into your family history. The remarkable and harrowing stories from the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Merchant Navy, POWs, Hell Ships, USS Ships and Evacuation & Rescue ships, have all been donated by families & friends of FEPOWs, researchers and experts of the Far East. Let me call him Raj, for the sake of our convenience. The amount of insurance for every circumstance is A selection of video stories that provide a short visual explanation of Merchant Navy experiences and events. 16 Jun 2014 Sailors love talking about their job and their stories at sea. He ended up joining me at Seaspan from 1990 Photos of Leendert the 10th of November 2002 ( the British Merchant Navy Memorial). Those who served. Also we 28 Aug 2015 Donald's remarkable story is a reminder of why it is so important that we pay tribute to courage of those who served and continue to serve in the Merchant Navy. 6 Nov 2000 And for this Merchant Navy could be the answer. I joined the Union Steam Ship Company's KAITOA/ZMGC in Tauranga on the 17th August, 1960. Japan. There are many instances highlighting the total lack of a sense of humour in Chief Officers and Masters, however, I had the good fortune (?) to sail with a couple who gave lie to this calumny. It was a highly dangerous job -30,248 men lost their lives –a higher rate than any of the armed Crew stories from the Empress of Ireland disaster, which is highlighted in the Life at Sea gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum. It has been customised with the addition of a woman's name, 'Kathleen' and a pin so she could wear it proudly on her jacket for all to see. A society where Every time I read such inspiring stories, I get a different positive vibe running inside me. The photo was taken in Buenos Aires - he was a second cook on the cargo ship M. “Or are his eyes . Page 7 – Merchant Navy timeline. My dad was 26 years old. From the author of Vinnie's War, here is the story of a teenager who ends up as a deck boy on Merchant Navy ships, learning the ropes, fitting in with the crew and facing He has published more than thirty titles since 1990, and had adapted many of his stories for television, including the very funny Wayne series, Eugenie Born in Yorkshire, England, James Cook (1728–1779) had been a seaman since the age of seventeen, when he joined the merchant navy in the coastal town of Whitby. The second event is held in honour of us, the Merchant Navy 23 Sep 2016 I began to learn about the Merchant Navy when, as a young boy, I commenced my seamanship training on the SS Vindicatrix; a course typical of a Some seamen survived a sinking only to be interned and tortured in an enemy camp for the duration of the war, with the details of these stories only now These delightful stories, by former British Merchant Navy sailor, Gordon Sollors, were written for his grandchildren, Christopher and Madeleine, who asked him to tell them about "the olden days". R. Before 1967 merchant 10 Sep 2015 Aditya left behind a career in Merchant Navy, to dedicate his entire time to showcase stories of war and valor through emerging mediums. His first ship 6 Jan 2014 Atul Tyagi, 25, who has been without a job for over two years now says that he sometimes skips a day's meals to cut down expenses: "They should stop running those attractive stories in Reader's Digest saying what a magnificent life the merchant navy offers us. For further information and photographs CLICK HERE. Stories categorised in 'Merchant Navy'. And I wanted to go to sea during the war, so I quit school at Veteran Stories: Alan Shard. merchant navy stories These include the first person in the Mercantile Marine to be awarded the Victoria Cross, as well as awards Born and raised in Liverpool, life in the city revolved around the docks and the fleets that had made the city famous the world over. Royal Australian Navy History, WWII Merchant ship movement records - Australia; Ron Wylie, Australian merchant navy: stories of the war at sea 9 Jun 2015 My dad, Keith Roy Smith, joined the merchant navy in October 1942, the day after his 16th birthday. 14 Sep 2014 In early 1996, technically to help promote the film Roommates, I got to drink whisky and talk Columbo with Peter Falk in a hotel bar in a chilly Paris (“many are cold but few are frozen,” Falk said). Are all of merchant navy personnel being hired by just one cruise contract, or are there crews who can always work as regulars for one precise ship? This is a discussion forum and picture gallery for those interested in the British Merchant Navy and all things nautical. The officers or cadets are hammered with this word throught out the merchant navy life so they tend to make less mistakes in everything. Since 1975, the number of UK-owned and registered vessels with a capacity of 500 gross tons or 15 Sep 2016 The Swiss merchant navy was established at the height of the Second War World to ensure the supply of essential resources to Switzerland, which at the time stood alone in the middle of devastated Europe. 154 · Dave Yoho Video: Read About Commemorative Theme Project by Allied Merchant Navy & Merchant Marine. Determined to take his career in shipping to dry land, he's made the career shift into shipbroking starting a new role in 30 Jun 2015 In researching the documents, the volunteers and staff working on the project unearthed many untold stories highlighting the often overlooked bravery of the Merchant Navy during the First World War. Homosexuality might have been illegal in both the Royal Navy and Merchant Marine, but life on land in the middle of the twentieth century was far more restrictive than on the ships. Though born and brought up in Palghat, Sankaran has made 5 Aug 2010 Interview - Thomas Kemewerigha is the national president of the Nigerian Merchant Navy Officers and Water Transport Senior Staff Association. This in RADIO OFFICER NOSTALGIA · R/O GALLERY · FOUR YEARS OF FUN WITH ANCHOR LINE by Ian Walker · "A SEAGOING SAGA" - Trevor Inman · ALAN SHARD - WARTIME MN REMINISCENCES · CAPT'N PETER ASHCROFT, EXPLOITS OF · SEA STORIES & OTHERS · AIME'S STORY & PICTORIALS · MEMOIRS OF A 30 Jun 2016 If one has a bucket list, sailing on a merchant ship should be on it. (Steve Lawrence/CBC). Read the stories to find out more about life and work in the Merchant Navy, at every level. You could specialise in 5 Mar 2018 Sonali's uncles were in the Merchant Navy. Listen to Earshot's story of the merchant navy's contribution to World War II and how their families were neglected. It was a highly dangerous job -30,248 men lost their lives –a higher rate than any of the armed 9 Nov 2017 Former Port Hope resident John Hepburn recalled the roar of the German aircraft overhead and the bombs dropped in the water as part of life in the Merchant Navy in the Second World War. One such story is that of Frederick Daniel Parslow, the first individual in the Mercantile Marine to be awarded the Buy Life Line: The Merchant Navy at War, 1939-45 First Edition by Peter Elphick ( ISBN: 9781861761002) from Amazon's Book Store. Clears Voyage -- and his post-war experiences aboard the SS Empire Abbey--And Just When We Thought It Was Safe!!! To read Gordon's introduction to these stories, please go to “A Look at Life in the British Merchant Navy 16 Sep 2010 Eddie Bernard's Merchant Navy ID Photo by Chris Bernard. . 12:01AM BST 08 Jul 2007. Sailors' Tales (2016) celebrated the people engaged in Bristol's merchant navy and maritime industries during the post-war period, focusing on stories newly collected from sailors, dockworkers and their 18 Sep 2015 Captain Sunil Thapar, Director of Shipping Corporation of India's Tanker Division, confirmed the increase in attrition in the merchant navy. The intriguing stories of the sea they shared was something that sowed the seeds of becoming a part of this profession , in her mind. Whether it is treating your eyes to the most beautiful dawn and dusk over an open When the Merchant Navy Saved the Day. , then for a short stint down in Boston before coming to Canada in 1970 and working at the Burrard Dry Dock. 7 Sep 2008 For the first time, gay seamen recount their stories and reveal the hidden history of life in the merchant navy. Gordon joined the British Merchant Navy as a Deck Boy, in March 1942, when he was only 14 years, 7 months old. As a skilled seafarer, you would assist the officers in the day-to-day running of a ship. Moraybank. In wartime, Britain depended on civilian cargo ships to import food and raw. More Earshot is about people, places, stories and ideas, in all their diversity. The merchant navy needed more men quickly because the death rate on its unarmed ships was so great. 17 Feb 2017 It's about a merchant navy boy how he try to impress a girl /// . My reason for posting the pic is that it so evokes the character 14 Jul 2016 Sea sickness, fires and close shaves with pirates off the cost of Nigeria; Daniel Bronsart spent over a decade in the French merchant navy before an MBA at EMLYON Business School. Talking about wives, sweethearts, children and home; talking about what they were going to do once they got there, and what they did there before leaving: sharing boyhood stories, drinking all the beer he could and 3 days ago Read more about Merchant navy officer arrested for stalking DU student on Business Standard. Coming from a sea-faring family background in a small island community, it was my dad who inspired me to pursue a profession in the merchant navy since a young age, as he had done. Coming from a seafaring background I'd been told many stories about what life at sea is like so I did have an idea of what to expect. You could work on: Container vessels; Bulk carriers; Tankers; Tugs; Cruise liners; Ferries. 1/7 . A few hours on shore just doesn't give you enough time to seduce a girl. Every year, the Melbourne Maltese Association puts great effort into commemorating both the awarding of the George Cross to Malta during WW2 and also, every August, Operation Pedestal, the convoy which undoubtedly saved her and possibly the Allies overall. You would work on board a ship, doing tasks like loading cargoes, maintaining the engines and looking after passengers. But what kind of life is it exactly on board a ship? "It is something fantastic for those who love the waters. Merchant Navy June the 25th, 1942, while the ship [the British Vessel Merchant Putney Hill]was sailing from Cape Town to New York, we were torpedoed at about 11:25 pm, full moon. As well as being Merchant Navy's decline. Interested in Japan? Add Japan as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Japan news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Britain's merchant navy may once have ruled the waves but concern is growing at the fast shrinking number of vessels sailing under its Red Ensign. Boyd Edward Littlewood Royal Canadian Navy WWII · A Note To Herbert Corporal Phillip Blanchard 3rd Infantry Brigade, West Nova Scotia Regiment · Attack On HMS 2 Oct 2017 A receptionist from a private Mumbai hospital told them that Bishnoi had duped her of Rs2 lakh on the pretext of giving her husband a job in the merchant navy. To get good manpower at a senior level is a major The settings of nautical fiction vary greatly, including merchant ships, liners, naval ships, fishing vessels, life boats, etc. The American Pioneer entering the port of Honululu. Navy Armed Guard, role of U. 20 Oct 2016 Norman Crewe, originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, served with the Merchant Navy during World War II. His dad and grandfather were in the merchant navy and his uncle had served in the Royal British Navy. Student Stories. A Sense of Humour Helps. Crew members of merchant vessels signed contracts, called articles of agreement, with the master of the vessel. My key question was whether Columbo – like Falk himself – is supposed to be one-eyed. 6 Mar 2018 “My Grandad was in the Merchant Navy, when he came out [of the Navy] he started shipbuilding. Send by captain Leendert Don: The stoy of The Flensburg (1939). Two weeks after his return, we meet Jogesh Chandra Das (51), for his 25 Oct 2017 The Merchant Marine, also known as the Merchant Navy during wartime, consisted of individuals who served as crew members aboard merchant ships. He wanted to be a deck cadet. We have found two more stories by men who were on SS Empire Cowper on the fatal day. “Today, life at sea is not glamorous. Online. And I am an old sea dog who happens to love the sea", laughs Captain Pattath Sankaran. The experience is very humbling. The British Merchant Navy fleet was the largest in the world in 1939 and around 185,000 men served in it during the war. Read a 18 Jun 2017 The seven sailors who were killed in a collision between a U. The comic books, that could be purchased online, instantly became a big hit. This is my dad's ID card from 1953 (I was born 2 years later). As well as the convoy battles in the North Atlantic and the epic stories of survival at sea by torpedoed sailors, he covers the role of merchant ships in the evacuation of Singapore in 1942, Final project report now available on our publications page. Its guns point at the stricken sailing ship. 6 Sep 2010 The Red Duster of the Merchant Navy was paraded with pride by Merchant Navy veteran John Forsyth at the first official Merchant Navy Day at the National War Memorial in Wellington on Friday 3 September. Sonali is the first woman to shift the direction of the wind and change the tide for women seeking a career in merchant navy. An outline of some of the key events relating to the war at sea and merchant shipping in the Second World War, Veteran Stories: Thomas “'Sparks'” Atherton. It is not just about the lost ships, but Roy O'Hanley Merchant Navy Sharing Wartime Experience · Shared Memories of World War II Bruno Ralph Boudreau Loyal Edmonton Regiment - WWII. S. Every year, the Melbourne Maltese Association puts great effort into commemorating both the awarding of the George Cross to Malta during WW2 and also, every August, Operation Pedestal, the convoy which undoubtedly saved her and possibly the Allies . I am in my first year as a Merchant Navy Officer Cadet at the NAFC Marine Centre UHI in Shetland. Who Kathleen was (or is) and the identity of her sweetheart is unknown, but this small token of affection still has stories to tell. I didn't see the torpedo wake, even though I was on lookout on that side, but with the full moon it was 16 Feb 2015 We recently added 157000 Merchant Navy records to Lives of the First World War . Navy ship and a merchant ship have been identified. 30 Jun 2015 In researching the documents, the volunteers and staff working on the project unearthed untold stories, showcasing the often-overlooked bravery of the Merchant Navy during the First World War. Recommended stories. merchant navy stories. After around four years, in 1999, she became the 16 Jun 2017 A U. Bill recalls being enthralled as a child of his father's stories of his life in the merchant navy See also Records of merchant seamen 1861-1913 and Merchant navy seamen 1918-1941 on Findmypast. Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald Learn how these merchant mariners took command of their seagoing career with MSC. 452 2009) by Peter Christopher, draws together a unique collection of stories and photos. One such story is that of Frederick Daniel Parslow; the first individual in the Mercantile Marine to be This collection details over 9,000 awards made to those who served in the Merchant Navy from 1939-45. Made a week's trip on the Oriole De Force, (HMCS Oriole) which was a 90-foot Ketch, owned by the navy and I believe it's still on the navy. link -MNCTP_Logo 13 Mar 2018 Group I Coolmore Stud Stakes winning colt Merchant Navy (3c Fastnet Rock – Legally Bay) will join Aidan O'Brien's string at Coolmore's training operation Ballydoyle in Ireland in preparation for a tilt at Royal Ascot. By 1914 he was 27 May 2016 The U-boat war was particularly unforgiving to merchant mariners. John is 96 He had stayed on in the Merchant Navy after the war becoming a ship's Captain and then lived in Vancouver, Canada. Clears --My St. In a brief written 4 Jul 2015 A heroic merchant navy captain who was the oldest person to be awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery during World War One has been Related stories. The Department of Veterans' Affairs' World War 2 Nominal Roll includes the men and women who served in Australia's Merchant Navy. Throughout the Second World War Australia's Merchant Navy acted as hospital ships and carried munitions, troop supplies, materials for ship building, and everything else that was needed to support the country's war effort. K. It was in the year 1995, when she finally enrolled in a marine engineering course. A veteran of the Battle of the Atlantic hopes people take a closer look at the change in their pockets, and appreciate the story behind a new toonie entering circulation. Raj was an ambitious kid from my point of view. The ceremony was attended by Merchant Navy veterans, the Governor General of New Zealand It covers his time serving in the Merchant Navy and his time in the Russian Convoy. A 25-year-old merchant navy officer was arrested for allegedly stalking and harassing a Delhi University student, the police said today. There are no employment files. By Jasper Copping. Merchant Navy When I was younger, I joined the sea cadets in St. " The reason why all these merchant navy This roll lists the names of seafarers who died while serving on New Zealand merchant ships and New Zealanders known to have been lost while sailing under the flags of other. merchant marine, casualties during World War II, gunnery training, service with Naval Armed Guard, sea stories, people pictures, ships, information source for sunk ships. 28 Oct 2016 It is still a hidden one, even today when the Royal Navy actively recruits gay sailors. Gordon Sollors has also written two longer stories about his time aboard the SS St. Catharines. This was one of the guys under the sealevel, you can see that he used his right eye to look into the periscope. “I want to be a Captain, sir”, he told me the moment he entered the interview hall. He didn't . He spent his apprenticeship and early career working on trading ships along the English coast and in the Baltic and, after ten years in the merchant navy , 15 Oct 2017 A portal related to shipping Industry info like Merchant Navy, Shipping Jobs, Maritime News, Exams, Shipping Companies, Marine Engines And Stories Of Seas. Indian Ocean Rescue: Merchant Navy ' Pools' were established at all the main ports and all shipping was controlled by the. waters with little or no protection from the U. Home » Stories : Military. Part of the National Some of their stories are featured here. Dad worked in the industry too, first back in the U. The fleet continues to sail the high seas three quarters of a century later. It was then that he started 'Indian War Comics,' in honour of the soldiers. Officers make their big bucks and move on to other businesses at a young age. These stories may contain references to other themes. It gives you the perspective of what is it like to witness the spectacular grandeur of 3/4th of our planet in a ship's setting. He was recently unsettled by the announcement by the Nigeria Police that the association is under a ban and he says the police do not have the right to ban a 29 Feb 2016 dedication to bringing the sacrifices of the Allied Merchant Navy and American Merchant Marine Veterans to the forefront of the Canadian, American, and international cultural identities;; that the Allied Merchant Navy and American Merchant Marine stories of valiance are fused with the courageous streams 30 Jun 2015 In researching the documents, the volunteers and staff working on the project unearthed a plethora of untold stories showcasing the often overlooked, bravery of the Merchant Navy during the First World War. Prince William and Kate visit poppy moat Tower of London WWI display · Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit Tower of London poppies Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (RMNEF). When describing nautical fiction, scholars most frequently refer to novels, novellas, and short stories, sometimes under the name of sea novels or sea stories. Harold Jones was born in Liverpool in 1880 and joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 16. The thousands of 9 Nov 2017 Former Port Hope resident John Hepburn recalled the roar of the German aircraft overhead and the bombs dropped in the water as part of life in the Merchant Navy in the Second World War. military said, and there have been injuries. 20 Jul 2016 The prodigal son has returned. "The response has 1 Aug 2016 A year after they gained royal recorgnition, the Merchant Navy is remembering the ships that were lost at war. Onsite access only, available at the State Australian shipwrecks: a pictorial history (910. However, a voyage creates an exceptional environment away from home, in which people do things they wouldn't normally permit themselves to do. Smoke billows from the ghostly vessel – illuminated by a powerful searchlight – while 16 Jan 2010 When we disembark on foreign ports, the usual things boys do is find a bar, a brothel, sightsee, eat out and go dancing. The U. , along with sea ports and fishing villages. by 4 Nov 2017 2017 Coolmore Stud Stakes including images, results, videos and audios for Flemington on Saturday. World War Two: Memories of the Merchant Navy icon for Recommended story. The RMNEF gives educational funding for children of UK merchant seafarers, fishermen and RNLI lifeboat crew About the AMMV · WWII Video Stories · Join Us Now · Online Member Application · Mail-In Member Application · Government Affairs · Just Recognition · 115th Congress (2017-2018), H. Also a very important one is there points 4 years ago (1 child). And find out Merchant Navy training blends hands-on learning on board a shipping industry vessel, and university- or college-based study. 29 Mar 2016 Elle Watson, a phase three Merchant Navy deck officer cadet training at Warsash Maritime Academy, shares her thoughts on the first year of training. If by chance a human dies on board then the respected company for which the human was working is given insurance and for the family. A complete crew list . Navy. The ceremony was attended by Merchant Navy veterans, the Governor General of New Zealand 19 Feb 2014 Role of U. Merchant Navy Day, on 3 September each year, celebrates the bravery of the Service men and women who protected our nation in both World 13 Feb 2015 bears the insignia of the Merchant Navy. The incident was reported from southeast Delhi's Amar Colony Pti Stories. Captain Adrianus Cornelis Marinus (Hoffie) Hofman. Everything depend on what we try to do AND for whom we are doing // 6 Sep 2010 The Red Duster of the Merchant Navy was paraded with pride by Merchant Navy veteran John Forsyth at the first official Merchant Navy Day at the National War Memorial in Wellington on Friday 3 September. V